Technology that solves
everyday repairs.facilities maintenance.

Whether it’s insurance claims, repairs, maintenance
or any other type of disruption, Wilbur gets your customers
back to normal faster.

Take control of your claims.
Claim Suite is a modular and connectable ecosystem of products and solutions that make claims as connected, fair and efficient as possible – getting your customers back to normal faster.

Claims Manager.

Manage your claims smarter, from start to finish.

A claims management platform that administrates your claims from start to finish. Easily integrate into your existing core systems and workflows for almost any line of business.


The easiest and fastest way to manage staff and supply chain assignments.

An assignment management product that connects you to the Wilbur Exchange - a marketplace of best-in-class suppliers, technologies and solutions that you can manage all in one place.


Connect and inspect faster with live video streaming and more.

A virtual collaboration platform that connects you to your customers and field staff for faster and more accurate inspections with video streaming, real-time assignment management, online payments and much more.


Access a high-quality and trusted supplier network for repairs.

A vetted, high-performing, compliant network of on-site property mitigation and repair suppliers who use our proven workflow for best results.


Outsource virtual and field inspections for almost any claim type.

A solution for virtual and field inspections that connects a vetted, high-performing, compliant network of suppliers with technologies in the Exchange to facilitate better results in less time.



Average indemnity spend saving

USA clients, 2021


We see a world of empowerment through collaboration. Wilbur connects you to a marketplace of best-in-class suppliers, technologies and solutions that get your customers back to normal faster. Through Wilbur’s fast integration and easy configurability, create the workflows that work for you regardless of your core platform.


Customer experience breaks down through the application of disparate, disconnected technologies deployed to fix individual problems and gaps. Wilbur minimizes these risks with our modular and connectable cloud-based platforms and solutions. Whether you need one, some or all, Wilbur helps you solve disruption faster.


Today’s world demands flexibility – your business model can change at short notice and you need a partner who can deliver the agility to help you adapt. With fast and easy integration to your core platforms and tailored commercial models for any business type, Wilbur’s cloud-based platforms give you complete flexibility to solve any disruption.


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