The Wilbur Exchange is an open marketplace of suppliers, technologies and solutions that help you manage your supply chain and technologies through a single interface. Access the Exchange through Wilbur Connect.

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Suppliers: Engage suppliers from our ecosystem to undertake assignments or add your own staff and/or private supplier panel. Our database includes IA firms, TPA firms, mitigation and repair contractors, plus a broad array of ancillary services that support the insurance process. Are you a contractor looking to sign up? Click here.

Technologies: Choose from a range of best-in-class technologies to integrate with your existing systems to streamline your claims operation – such as live video collaboration, digital measurement, estimating platforms and much more.

Solutions: Access our vetted, high-performing, compliant network of providers aligned to our defined workflows and technology integrations. See Wilbur Repair and Wilbur Inspect for more information.

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