Outsource virtual and field inspections for almost any claim type.

A solution for virtual and field inspections that connects a vetted, high-performing, compliant network of suppliers with technologies in the Exchange, to facilitate better results in less time.

The traditional field-assessing process is time consuming, costly and often inaccurate. In the post-Covid world, you need a streamlined remote working environment that can scale to meet the changing demands of government directives, customer expectations or catastrophic weather events.

Reduce the risk, cost and time of traditional field assessing.

Wilbur Inspect provides you with a vetted network of suppliers who connect directly with your customers to inspect and assess damage – all via defined workflows and tools at fixed prices.

Complete flexibility with virtual or field inspections.
  • Virtual: Remote assessors connect directly with your customers using our live video streaming and collaboration platform Livegenic.
  • Field: Access a scalable, vetted network of suppliers to perform on-site inspections via defined workflows for consistent results.

How do virtual inspections work?

Virtual inspections are a combined technology and service solution that allows a trained assessor to virtually connect with customers in real time. Video and audio are recorded, photos captured, measurements taken and documents uploaded and signed. The collected information is used to write an estimate and prepare a summary report to submit to the carrier.

diagram inspect


  • Fixed pricing: A fixed per-claim fee for technology and service.​
  • Quick turnaround: Initial review and first contact within 24 hours. Estimate and report written within 24 hours of virtual inspection.​
  • Flexible supply chain: Leveraging out-of-area capacity to assist in times of critical need.​
  • Choose your model: A solution for both virtual and field inspections, with or without estimate and reporting services.
  • Trained virtual inspectors: Suppliers trained to use live video collaboration, conduct remote inspections and write repair estimates based on digital media


Reduce the risk, cost and time associated with deploying traditional field adjusting resources:

  • Scalable, high-volume capacity​ – to augment your staff during times of surge.
  • Expand your existing coverage areas.
  • Reduced cycle time by 5 to 7 days​.
  • Cost reductions up to 67%.​
  • Superior customer experience with real-time interaction/engagement.​
  • Ensure the safety of all stakeholders post-Covid by removing the need for physical site attendance.

Proven results you can trust

<24 hr

report/estimate submission


max cost reduction


faster settlement decisions

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