Access a high-quality and trusted supplier network for repairs.

A vetted, high-performing, compliant network of on-site property mitigation and repair suppliers who use our proven workflow for best results.

Managing your supply panel of mitigation and repair specialists can be time consuming, costly and in many cases, risky. Monitoring credentialling, licensing, warranties, payments, quote comparisons, performance management and more causes longer cycle times and inevitably, disgruntled customers.


There’s an easier way.

Wilbur Repair is a vetted, high-performing, compliant network of on-site property mitigation and repair suppliers who use our proven workflow for best results. We’ve done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is plug ‘n’ play to get started. No cost, no digital infrastructure setup and better experiences.

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‘Bring your own’ administrator.

Wilbur Repair is the only “bring your own administrator” model in the market. Unlike traditional managed repair programs which act as an intermediary from beginning to end, Wilbur Repair empowers you to bring the benefits of a repair solution while maintaining the service continuity and consistent experience of using your staff who are already engaged with the customer.​


Have confidence in predictable results.

Wilbur Repair presents only trusted, high-performing and qualified suppliers for any given assignment.​

  • Minimum credentialing standards​
  • Performance monitoring​ with prescribed SLAs​
  • Workmanship warranty provided on contractor work


Why choose Wilbur Repair?

  • Plug ‘n’ play​: Fits into your workflows with a simple hand-over point​.
  • Free to use: Job fee charged only to suppliers​, upon completion of satisfactory work.
  • Self-service: ​Direct-to-supplier model reduces overhead​ while ensuring complete transparency.
  • Manage claim costs: Allocate jobs directly or through competitive bid process.​
  • Happier customers: Measure customer sentiment throughout the repair process with continuous feedback. Our average supplier rating is 4.83/5!
  • Less administration: We handle payment processing, reporting and compliance.
  • More choice: Multiple quotes per job so you can engage the best suppliers.
  • Faster claims: Our standardized, insurance-compliant process keeps everyone informed, on task and on time.
  • Direct connection: No middleman when searching, assigning and managing suppliers.​
  • Rate contractor performance: See suppliers’ capacity, average lifecycle and ratings based on quality and service – award jobs based on performance.
  • Broad array of suppliers: Access over 35 different service types in a single platform.
Control the customer experience​
Control which supplier you choose
Control how you manage your workflow
Highly configurable
Simple to use​
Free to use

Proven results you can trust


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repairs completed in Australia and USA


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