Wilbur has announced a partnership with the United States’ leading temporary housing supplier, Catale Temporary Housing.

The two companies have come together in a unique partnership to provide accommodations and housing management solutions across the US through Wilbur’s repair network. The integration of Catale into Wilbur’s Repair product is expected to gain strong interest throughout the insurance industry.

Wilbur provides a modular and connectable ecosystem of technology products and solutions that solve everyday disruption for leading businesses globally. Whether it’s insurance claims, repairs, maintenance, or any other disruption, Wilbur gets customers back to normal faster.

What is Wilbur Repair?

The Repair platform is the leading product within Wilbur. It provides a vetted, high-performing, compliant network of trusted suppliers who use our proven workflow for the best results.

Wilbur Repair is the only “bring your own administrator” model in the market. Unlike traditional managed repair programs, which act as an intermediary from beginning to end, Wilbur Repair empowers you to bring the benefits of a repair solution while maintaining the service continuity and consistent experience of using your staff who are already engaged with the customer.

To learn more on Wilbur Repair visit: https://us.wilbur.io/repair/


Who is Catale Temporary Housing?

Catale is an accommodation and housing management company providing comprehensive lodging solutions. Catale’s insurance housing services include fast and efficient emergency hotel placement for displaced policyholders, as well as long term placement in single-family homes, apartments, and travel trailers, ensuring that each claim is handled with the consideration and respect the policyholder deserves.

Wilbur has chosen to partner with Catale as an industry disruptor that is authentic, adaptive, and consistent. Some key reasons behind this include:

  • Dependable Partnership – No customer left behind; we value each account no matter the size
  • Catale Concierge – Providing stability for insured parties and travel crews in challenging times with hands-on, white-glove service to walk you through each step of the process
  • Dedicated Account Management – Actively monitoring every claim ensures a worry-free process
  • Ironclad Audit Trail – Protecting our customers from fraud risk
  • Experienced Leadership – Battle-tested team with a diverse background in travel, insurance, government and technology


Want more work?

Wilbur is looking for the best contractors, restorers, and tradespeople. Insurers come to us expecting quality, and that is what we provide. Join our network to connect with insurance claim representatives who need contractors to provide property restoration services: no sign-up fees, no commitment, no risk. Visit: https://us.wilbur.io/signup/


To learn more about Catale Temporary Housing visit: https://catale.com/


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